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Well, this film does certainly have quite the impact on the idea of love and how sometimes things just won't work out the way you expect them to. That point was driven home well.

THE PROBLEMS that keep me from fully appreciating this is the lack of voice over and slow pacing, and I feel like some of the shots could have been composed a bit better and other scenes could have been taken out and the overall message of the video would have been driven home much better.

Certainly not bad, but could have been in a much, much better place.

Okay hold up.

Smithers is supposed to be gay.

Is he just trying to hide that after the fact by watching Marge do all this or is it just some gag oversight?

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I think what you're doing works. The opening is extremely strong and what I do like is that crescendo (I think that that slowly works its way up after 00;56 to 01:22.

I guess maybe it would have been too hopeful to wish that there was sort of a polyrythm going on with the piano and the main beat at the same time when the drums were playing around 03:05, but even then I'm not sure how well that would have sounded in this case. Nonetheless even with out that I really feel like this is a strong piece that would work seriously well in dramatic moments.

Good work. Tis hoping to see more from you in the future.

ToraXD001 responds:

Thanks! Glad to hear your thoughts on this piece! XD

As for the whole 'polyrhythm' thing you suggested at 3:05, it's actually looping back to the beginning of the song, since this is kind of written as a video game BGM, lol.

I dig it, the beat and the synths make a really insane atmosphere for this piece..

Hey, I like what you're doing with this.

Cheers man.

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I honestly feel that it would be an injustice to the arts, be it on newgrounds or any other community for that matter both online and in real world to abstain from political topics. So please, don't hesitate to touch on controversial matters.

As for the design, I really like where this went. You took the logo and made the hand as though it feels animated to question it's viewer. This is where I feel it's successful on so many levels visually because it isn't hesitating to get to it's point and get people to talk about the issues at hand. Something that is important in a piece such as this.

I still hear him saying "I am dracula" every time I remember his boss fight in this game for some reason.

Anyway awesome work.

Hello, Mainly a person who uses Adobe Software, Clip Paint, Pixen, ETC. I enjoy working on character designs but currently working on my portfolio and break into the professional side of animation. Creative writing is also a thing I enjoy doing sometimes!

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