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This is not my large automobile, This is not my beautiful house, and this is not my beautiful wi... Wait a fucking minute where am I picking this up now?

This should be an actual product.

UncleDoogans responds:

man, i hear ya... let's get some investors, eh?

Now I see why this is highly acclaimed.

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Only thing I have is that, is there a way I can play with a controller instead of having to use the keyboards or no?

It's not a bad game my problem is that it's just insanely awkward to play a rhythm game with a bloody keyboard.

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I think what you're doing works. The opening is extremely strong and what I do like is that crescendo (I think that that slowly works its way up after 00;56 to 01:22.

I guess maybe it would have been too hopeful to wish that there was sort of a polyrythm going on with the piano and the main beat at the same time when the drums were playing around 03:05, but even then I'm not sure how well that would have sounded in this case. Nonetheless even with out that I really feel like this is a strong piece that would work seriously well in dramatic moments.

Good work. Tis hoping to see more from you in the future.

ToraXD001 responds:

Thanks! Glad to hear your thoughts on this piece! XD

As for the whole 'polyrhythm' thing you suggested at 3:05, it's actually looping back to the beginning of the song, since this is kind of written as a video game BGM, lol.

I dig it, the beat and the synths make a really insane atmosphere for this piece..

Hey, I like what you're doing with this.

Cheers man.

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I'm gonna be keeping my eye on you. Your artwork is pretty lit.

Nice attention to detail.

Not fat enough needs more lasaga/10

Intrastele responds:

Next time I'll make him super fat chungus just for you xoxo

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