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Politically, I can see where this might come off as biased. BUT there's enough humor in it for both sides if you don't like Trump as either a republican or a democrat. However that is not why I am just barely giving this 3.5 stars.

The thing that prevents me from giving this anything higher than what I gave it is that this is really a simple animation with two basic shots for the characters. While the gags for Trump work they were pretty boring putting aside the scene where Trump coughs up a golf club and the scene with him playing an xylophone. Some of the other scenes could have been more dynamic in this instance. Also we've seen the gag of an image changing in each shot several times (In this instance, the portrait of Trump behind the guy telling him all these issues).

The humor is there, but the animation has too many missed opportunities.

To hell with it, I'm giving this five stars.

I enjoyed the animation. and to be honest while the inner Overwatch fan in me was REALLY fucking bugged about the ship between Tracer and McCree for the obvious reason.... At the same time I also feel that this works on one argument that, in game when you play without any limits in arcade mode there's an easter egg that Tracer points out that there are other versions of herself in other dimensions.

So who knows, maybe if there was multiverse theory applied to this where there's a version of Tracer that's straight or bisexual, this ship would have worked out extremely well and there'd still be the version of Tracer that's lesbian.

So in that context I suppose that this story would actually make sense. With that said I think that in spite of the lack of foresight on your part before Tracer was confirmed gay in the lore, this is still a really beautiful work of art.

Typically when I see an artist take a risk it usually benefits the art. In this case the art goes into the subject matters of suicide, death, and the afterlife.

There is a sense of emotion that is portrayed throughout the short where you actually sense that there is a deep underlying issue within the main character. Like something is off and her emotions are depressed and on the surface she just seems like another person where she seems happy. Then she takes the leap and that's where it hits the audience in the gut when they grasp the reality of what's happening.

It's a sensitive topic no one likes to talk about. I personally feel that you managed to achieve something that couldn't be shown in words otherwise. I also very much like the animation style of this as well.

airman4 responds:

Thanks CaptainDioShiba !
I could have named that film " leap of faight" hah !

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I dig it, the beat and the synths make a really insane atmosphere for this piece..

Hey, I like what you're doing with this.

Cheers man.

Dude, this is amazing.

Like I can just sit down and chill out to this and imagine that I'm overlooking some field. I like how you executed this song bro.

KGerda responds:

I appreciate that man.. I'm going to post some new stuff soon! So much material so little time!!

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