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Hello, Mainly a person who uses Adobe Software, Clip Paint, Pixen, ETC. I enjoy working on character designs but currently working on my portfolio and break into the professional side of animation. Creative writing is also a thing I enjoy doing sometimes!

Andrew Orluk @CaptainDioShiba

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Oh so hey.

I've been recently doing some stuff with my artwork and while making some adjustments to my own schedule since now I'm moving up into doing real world stuff and figuring out the wonderful world of being an adult, which is a good thing I suppose since now I have some time to upload a few things here that I haven't gotten around to. (Which is why you'll be seeing me post some random things every now and then on here.) This comes after some healing from dealing with Burnout from just being a student.

I also am going to get my Senior Capstone film from Pratt uploaded onto here soon, its not really anything special and I'm just posting it as is since I feel like I could have pushed it further but I feel like for the records sake it could be worth uploading here at the very least.

With that said, expect to see more stuff from me every now and then from now going into the rest of the year. Meantime why not check my Instagram or Twitter out to see some of my happenings?