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Well, this film does certainly have quite the impact on the idea of love and how sometimes things just won't work out the way you expect them to. That point was driven home well.

THE PROBLEMS that keep me from fully appreciating this is the lack of voice over and slow pacing, and I feel like some of the shots could have been composed a bit better and other scenes could have been taken out and the overall message of the video would have been driven home much better.

Certainly not bad, but could have been in a much, much better place.

Okay hold up.

Smithers is supposed to be gay.

Is he just trying to hide that after the fact by watching Marge do all this or is it just some gag oversight?

Maybe sometimes its best not to look up if you're a fish.
After all, being out of water might not be something to wish.

I approve.

I really like how the joke played out that just about everyone there is exactly alike hiding something about themselves.

You know, I'd be arsed if I didn't say that I got a chuckle or two out of this but at the same time I felt there was a lot of missed potential with how the parents could have been animated here. (Even though that would have been a lot more work.)

I mean yeah there where a few visual gags that hinted what DeeDee, Stu and eventually Chez would lead up to but when the shots are fixated on what Tommy and Chuckie are doing without any of the exaggerated expressions I'm used to seeing from your animations, I kind of feel like I'm just listening to a funny voice over with some lip sync. Not to say that it's bad in of itself, but it just kind of feels lacking.

Every time that deep voice comes in it's just aaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I feel like the music distracts the rest of the animation. HOWEVER, I really love the concept behind the animation.

I don't even know where to begin here.

This works perfectly. And if I'm being honest knowing Danny Antounucci's work I am convinced that this would be close enough to a different Ed, Edd, n Eddy had the same vibe as Brother's Grunt (Which, if I'm being honest your interpretation of the eds and the nature of the plot really hit that weird bizarre nature of the latter show.)

This is perfection, not in regard to the plot or anything like that but the humor I feel like stems from being aware of the history of the animator.

Hello, Mainly a person who uses Adobe Software, Clip Paint, Pixen, ETC. I enjoy working on character designs but currently working on my portfolio and break into the professional side of animation. Creative writing is also a thing I enjoy doing sometimes!

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