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I think what you're doing works. The opening is extremely strong and what I do like is that crescendo (I think that that slowly works its way up after 00;56 to 01:22.

I guess maybe it would have been too hopeful to wish that there was sort of a polyrythm going on with the piano and the main beat at the same time when the drums were playing around 03:05, but even then I'm not sure how well that would have sounded in this case. Nonetheless even with out that I really feel like this is a strong piece that would work seriously well in dramatic moments.

Good work. Tis hoping to see more from you in the future.

ToraXD001 responds:

Thanks! Glad to hear your thoughts on this piece! XD

As for the whole 'polyrhythm' thing you suggested at 3:05, it's actually looping back to the beginning of the song, since this is kind of written as a video game BGM, lol.

Holy shit dude, this is probably one of the best things I've heard on this site in some time.

Props! the timing of the signatures and when they change really makes this a strong piece, somehow I can see this being used in a few things. Cheers!

Everratic responds:

Thanks so much! I'm glad the time signature changes sound natural :)

I dig it, the beat and the synths make a really insane atmosphere for this piece..

Hey, I like what you're doing with this.

Cheers man.

Dude, this is amazing.

Like I can just sit down and chill out to this and imagine that I'm overlooking some field. I like how you executed this song bro.

KGerda responds:

I appreciate that man.. I'm going to post some new stuff soon! So much material so little time!!

Honestly, I love the melody and the beat that this song uses. It's also pretty relaxing to listen to and somehow I can almost visualize something rather beautiful with it.

Good job!

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